Who are we?

Venus Ropes is your source for high quality bondage rope hand dyed by Jocasta herself!

Choose from high quality, all natural, Romanian hemp, super soft and super strong solid braid nylon, and now MFP (multifilament polypropylene) which is great for use in water! Whatever your rope preference, you'll sure to be pleased with the quality Venus Ropes provides you.

All 3 types of rope are ideal for suspension.

Hemp Rope

Romanian Hemp Rope
4mm and 6mm in Natural, Amethyst, Boulder Green, Black, Electric Blue, Navy BlacknBlue, Scarlet, Yellow Ochre. 8mm in Natural, but can be dyed the colors listed above as a custom order.


Nylon Rope

Solid Braid Nylon Rope
1/8" and 1/4" in Strawberry Red, Tangerine, Sunny Yellow, Apple Green, Sapphire Blue, Purple, Gold, Gunmetal Gray, Peacock Blue, Fire Rose, and Factory Black.



Solid Braid
Multifilament Polypropylene

5/16" in Black, Silver, Red, Hot Pink, Hot Pink/Silver twist, Purple, Royal Blue, Red/Black twist, Yellow, and Chocolate Brown.



We also carry a wide variety of steel and aluminum suspension rings and hook.


Books & Videos

Instructional Books and Videos
From beginner to intermediate to expert help from the masters.



Rope and Bondage Accessories
EMT Shears, bondage fabric, hemp care kits, as well as bags for your whips, cans, crops and much more.


Our rope

Romanian Hemp Rope
Venus Ropes purchases raw hemp rope which has been organically grown and mechanically processed with methods that preserve the integrity of the long and strong fibers. There is additional processing required to produce the soft, supple hemp rope which we offer. Purists will prefer the natural hue of hemp while others desire the richness of colored rope. Hemp rope is dyed with fiber reactive dyes. All ropes are then oiled with mink oil. Mink oil helps to preserve the rope just as lotions and oils can help to preserve leather. I find the scent combination of hemp rope and mink oil a most sensual duo. Hemp rope should never be washed with regular detergent. It will come out stiff and sticky. I use synthropol, which can be found at most art supply outlets and wash it right in the washing machine. Fabric softener will not hurt hemp, and can make it softer. Always store hemp rope in a dry, dark area. Moisture and sunlight will affect it.

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Solid Braid Nylon Rope
The manufacturer states that this is the "strongest rope" they supply. Nylon's elasticity can absorb shock loads that would break ropes of other fibers. It is resistant to abrasion, rot, and most chemicals. It will last longer than most natural fibers. It does have 15% less strength when wet. Nylon rope will shrink up to 15%. All my acid dyed nylon is pre-shrunk and color fast. I do not recommend using bleach in the wash water as it will affect color and strength. I use regular liquid laundry detergent and fabric softener. Air dry only. DO NOT PUT NYLON ROPE IN THE DRYER! It can melt!!! While nylon does not hold a knot as well as hemp, it is more affordable and easy to clean. I have been told the sheen of nylon ropes can be a visual plus in photographs.

Solid Braid Multifilament Polypropylene Rope
Better known as MFP, Solid Braids have high strength, low stretch and ease of handling. 5/16th MFP and 1/4" Solid Braid Nylon both have a working load of 240 lbs. Advantages of MFP are abrasion resistance, excellent knotting properties and is water-resistant and floats. It is chemical and mildew resistant as well. MFP works well over rubber and latex outfits.

Much more

We also provide custom whipping for the ends of your rope! Order now.

We now sell German 4-Strand Hemp Rope! Order now.